Our Collaboration Series is an annual, one off production wine, made with friends by hand and limited to 50 cases. There is no theme, no format, no pre existing ideas just some friends getting together to make some funky booze. How does it work? We team up with someone search for inspiration in a couple of good bottles of wine over a good meal. The convergence of ideas leads to something out there and is alway an exciting project. 

2016 - State of Jefferson - New California Chardonnay - Friend and Farmer, Simon Saavedra 
2017 - Marricks Surly - Muscat Sur Lie - Friend and Cinematographer, Jose Alkon
2018 - Marricks New Raz - Nouveau Shiraz - Friend and Cinematographer, Jose Alkon
2019 - Pinche - Spirit of Agave - Brother from another mother, Mark Shaddock


Pinche is the first Australian style Tequila, made from blue Agave Tequiliana plants grown in Queensland, this Tequila style spirit is a one off and limited to 240 bottles. 

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/ Spirit of Agave Tequiliana

2019 New Raz is a collaboration of people and a coming together of ideas and places. A few bottles of Beaujolais was the inspiration for this funky, unfiltered and unfined drink, perfect for the people of an ecclectic tribe. 

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